Monday, January 4, 2010

Fish Lovers

Can I just say that I love my kids? This dinner was for H (age 4) who when asked said her favorite foods are fish, green beans, and peas. This was a simple N. African inspired fish dish - Fish Algiers. Tilapia in cumin, lemon, tomato, parsley etc. with green beans in a traditional shallot dressing with toasted almonds and a touch of feta. We also had some rice cooked in veg broth with toasted pinenuts, raisins, and lemon.

I'll post recipes soon but wanted to get the silly iPhone photo up and play with mobile blogging. And to say how much I love that my kids scarfed this meal down and heaped some Daddy praise. My kids are rad!

- mobile update


Katia said...

Your kids are rad.

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