Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baking Withdrawls Getting Intense

Nearly six weeks without an oven is getting to be quite painful.

Six weeks without an oven = no fresh bread, no delectable baked desserts, no roasted chickens, no roasted fresh cauliflower with tahini sauce. This is no minor thing.

At least R got her sewing maching back - and she is indeed back.

Here's hoping to have more tasty posts soon.


Erica said...

Any word on when the oven will be repaired? I feel for ya.

Ethan said...

UPDATE: The oven is fixed! Hip hip hooray!

Wade said...

What?! No oven? That would be painful for me, and I only bake once or twice a week.

--So glad to hear that it's finally fixed!

Katia Clark said...

Glad you're back. Not trying to move in on the amazing Dutton bread, just doing it to feed the Clarks. The sourdough is really tangy though, maybe too much so. It leaves an aftertaste in the mouth, but we love that about it. I'll bring you some and expect constructive criticism.