Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The squash is off and running. We are harvesting early cherry tomatoes, with many greens coming in behind. I am especially excited about the San Marzanos. With the basil coming up too, we are in store for some great pizzas.

We have several squash taking off right now, a pickling cucumber, some broccoli, lettuce still going, lots and lots of beets that need to be eaten, about 8-10 different peppers and a crop of herbs. We also have a pumpkin going nuts on the other side of the yard. Hopefully the kids will be able to carve their own pumpkins for Halloween.

I will try to get some in progress shots of the garden - and more harvest shots as well. I still have a lot of work to do, and some trellises to build. It is a fun adventure, with delicious rewards.


Stephen said...

Congratulations on the successful harvest! Beautiful squash. (Oh, this is Erica, not Steve, but I am too lazy to sign out and back in.)

Natalie said...

Green with envy! I have nothing but greens and herbs thriving as it snowed up until late May and has rained almost all day every day since then. Even my squash and cucumbers are yellowing from the lack of sunlight.

Katia Clark said...

Can't wait for you to cook some of your crop. Squash is beautiful and your pastry cream is a sin. I want that recipe.