Monday, May 19, 2008

Pizza on the Grill

Not your classic grilled pizza. This time I actually put the baking stone right on the grill and cooked the pizzas on the stone with some water in a metal cup on the side for the steam. The pizzas looked great and were okay to eat, but the crust was definitely on the charred side. I'll have to experiment some more in order to really get this one down. It was nice on this near 100 degree day to not heat up the stove in the house though.

We made three small pizzas for dinner, all with a semolina crust, basic tomato sauce and mozarella - one with pepperoni, one bbq chicken and one plain pie with fresh basil.

Good enough to try to hone in the cooking heat and time in order to perfect the crust.


Deb said...

These look soooo good! I have to try doing pizza on the grill...we still only do pizza in the oven on our pizza stone.

Catalina said...

I have always cooked the pizza directly on the grill. Tonight I was planning on making pizza with open pita bread on the grill. I was actually day dreaming about your homemade pita. yummmm.